Anxiety by Sigma Foxx

Beneath the surface of anxiety is resilience waiting to make an appearance. Through any challenge the strength to overcome is within us.

I had the pleasure of being invited to shoot the process of one of artist Sigma Foxx's pieces for the current 'Smoke a Sig 2' Exhibition at the Narwhal Contemporary Gallery at 2104 Dundas St West, Toronto. The exhibition is running from Thursday, August 17th to 23rd. He had gathered artists HighRise (model),  Sydné Barnes-Wright (model) and Banks (stylist) to manifest a vision on anxiety. I have created this short story that more so represents courage and braveness. The character (HighRise) is unbothered and unwavering, though her fears (Sydné) try to command her attention.

Anxiety  Sigma Foxx  2017


Sigma Foxx


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Written by Monique Hoilett, @alifemag