Downtown, Kingston - A Story on Wealth


Why should one have to abandon their roots to acquire wealth?

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Jamaica's National Motto, "out of many, one people," declares our multi-cultural makeup, being influenced by the Spanish, English, Africans and more. However, the many African descendants have to struggle to become a part of the upper-middle class. When one acquires wealth or education, they can adopt a lifestyle that separates them from the lower-class. Often leaving their communities behind for another or to move abroad. Of course, due to lack of opportunity, stability or safety one may choose to leave their home. 

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This photo series aims to challenge the prejudices between rich and poor in Kingston, Jamaica. Downtown is considered one of the poorest and most dangerous areas. I tell a story of a future for downtown, Kingston. A place where the wealthy can go to support local farmers in peace, buying foods grown in Jamaica instead of imported goods (that are most likely GMO). Many people here in Toronto and other parts of the world would love to buy fresh food, grown without mutation and dangerous fertilizers. This is probably the biggest thing for me.


Most importantly, these women embody wealth, happiness and confidence. They are safe and protected. I would like to empower Black women in Jamaica to know that they are worthy of safe spaces. They are protected by their people and treasured by the community. They would not have to leave their roots behind to know wealth.

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