Our New Perspective


I’ve decided that it’s time to live in God’s purpose for my life. This brand has evolved to include the importance of faith in my life and hopefully inspire you to seek God. See the updated about page to learn more. As humans, we are all made up of a body, a mind and a spirit. In my opinion, that final piece is the missing link for many people that can’t seem to find peace or see the value in life itself. Life can be a real challenge and often we have to take it on without adequate support. However, Flourish is here to remind you that you have support and you will succeed in everything you do. God is always with us, even when we forget and neglect. Maintaining your relationship with God is a fertilizer for life. Once you’re aware that the issues you go through are simply apart of God’s bigger plan for your life, you will find your sense of peace and eventually your purpose. Who better to trust with your path than the one that created it?

Pastor Michael Todd from Transformation Church in Tulsa, OK is everyones new favourite preacher. This sermon was a wakeup call. He breaks down scripture in a way that makes it all so relatable and easy to understand. “Under Doesn’t Mean Over” from their “Planted Not Buried” series references Psalms 1, which describes a flourishing life. A life that most would like to live. Pastor Todd convinced me that when times are the hardest, when I feel under pressure, under appreciated and under attack is when God has a breakthrough waiting on me, if I allow myself to get through. He compares us to seeds, planted for purpose. How on brand, right? However, it takes much time for a seed to become a tree that blooms and bares fruit. Through this series, Pastor Mike gives biblical guidance on how to prepare yourself for planting and how to get through the planted/buried stage. I urge you to watch this sermon and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Jah Bless.