Dreams Do Come True

As the years go by they seem to move faster and faster, I mean, it’s already February. By now it should have set in that if you don’t act fast the year may fly by and you’ll wonder if you really made the best of the 365 days. The best way to avoid the feeling of disappointment at the end of a year is to set goals to start, make a game plan and stick with it.

Success in life requires a goal, a plan, determination, and organization. There are many ways to go about listing goals but journaling is my favourite place to start. Emptying my thoughts about the past clears my mind and allows me to plan ahead more accurately. I’ve made a list of what I want to happen in 2019, you should too. If we really want to flourish we’ll have to set expectations for ourselves. Don’t set goals for things you can’t control but what you can, make yourself accountable. Once you have your list down, you can set a game plan for each goal and most importantly, ask God to bless you in these areas. Instead of seeing another year pass you by, if you stick with your goals, you’ll see what can really happen in a year. Your dream can become your nightmare if you don’t realize you need hard work, order, and organization to see it become a reality.


When you know God is working with you to make your dreams come true, you can work without doubt or fear. These things will hinder your dreams because if you don’t believe, you won’t see the manifestation. As you go into 2019, keep God inline with your goals and see the difference it will make when you reflect at the end of the year. However, never forget that if something doesn’t work out as planned, God has something better for you. Never give up!

Jah Bless