“Bridges to the other side” curated by Tee Fergus

I was blessed with the opportunity to be featured in a group art show curated by one of my favourite artists in Toronto, Tee Fergus (@teefergus). On March 1st, which was also my birthday, Tee showcased the works of 7 artists at 187 Augusta Ave in Kensington Market. Tee has inspired me for years, especially because she has been able to master different skills and remain true to who she is as an artist in the process. Now she is able to create a platform for other artists seeking community and exposure. The energy at any of Tee’s events is always amazing as individuals can feel comfortable, welcomed and included whether through conversation or vibing to the selector’s sounds. At this show Tamika Akimat (@tamika_akimat) was the DJ and Dey (@lovelydey) performed.

This is was my first time participating in a group show and I hope to be a part of more in the future. Being able to share my work is very humbling, especially hearing the feedback of others. I thought very carefully about my selects for this show. To me, “bridges to the other side” means connecting with another side or overcoming a barrier. The first image, Praying Hands, features Justin Scott (@king_scxtt) whom I photographed in Kingston, Jamaica in 2018. This image represents how I connect to a higher power, the other side, as a source of strength and refuge. The second image, Rasta House, was also captured last year in Jamaica. This is one of my favourite images, especially because of the vibrant colours which represent my culture. I chose this image because of the doorway which can lead to anywhere and anything, being a bridge to what is often unknown.

Let me know what you think of these selects in the comments below.

Jah Bless.