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My Jamaican Black History

There are so many narratives that exist in Black history. Some are of pain and suffering, others are of royalty and strength. In the spirit of Black History Month, I’m sharing a glimpse into what I know about my Jamaican history, specifically that of my maternal great grandmother. It’s so important to truly know our own heritage, which is a blessing to know and have access to, especially as a descendent of slaves.

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Our New Perspective

Maintaining your relationship with God is a fertilizer for life. Once you’re aware that the issues you go through are simply apart of God’s bigger plan for your life, you will find your sense of peace and eventually your purpose. Who better to trust with your path than the one that created it?

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Nature vs. Nurture

This is a question that many ask themselves when they're feeling less than satisfied or even overwhelmed by who they are. Fact is that we are a unique mixture of what nature and nurture has offered us. This is what makes us who we are. What will you do with it? When analyzing both these aspects of yourself, its important to remember that nurture has the ability to greatly influence what is already there, nature.

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