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a whole mood..


 March 2019, Model: Tyra Payne

May 2018, Model: Justin Scott 


Picture yourself as the face behind the hat. As we embark on life's journey, we will encounter many different circumstances, emotions and surroundings. Through it all, we must find our happy place within ourselves. This series follows an individual on a journey and maintains peace regardless of outward factors. This inner peace is what I strive to find. I believe it starts with finding that sense of completeness. This will give us the strength to proceed.

April 2017, Model: Sydné Barnes-Wright

Read more about this series in the Journal entry here.



Sauce comes from within:

A reminder that we are special in our own uniqueness. This is important in a world where influences are everywhere and information is constantly trying to convince us to conform to societal expectations and trends. The essence that comes from within is the real sauce.

May 2017, Model: High rise


The journey has just begun:

The vast world awaits us. Let us set sail and allow ourselves

to be uncomfortable, delighted, confused, and inspired.

We won’t know until we go outside of our comfort zones. It’s time to leave.

 Monique Hoilett, 2017



Blood is stronger than bricks:

Although we need the walls around us,

they do not keep us together like the bond we share.

We can depart then return and maintain the tie to what matters.

Monique Hoilett, 2017